Unlocking the potential of land across South West London and the Home Counties

Land is our lifeblood. Without it we would not be able to build our homes. And our approach to land is as individual and flexible as our approach to our homes.

We are not prone to boasting, but our experience, expertise and ability in understanding how to unlock the potential of land is second to none. Our area of operation covers Surrey, South West London and Berkshire. Our years of experience in working in these locations give us an invaluable market insight which guides our planning and conception process, whilst our creative and agile and flexible approach ensures that we consider all options in how to make the most of any land opportunity.

From initial consideration through to securing planning permission, we have years of experience and market understanding. This allows us not only to devise schemes which maximises and speeds up the planning approval process, it also ensures the final scheme is attractive for potential customers. And of course, that it makes sound financial sense. Not all of the land projects we work on go on to become the location for a Langham home. Whilst we are small in size, we have a huge experience in conceiving and developing schemes for large sites and then working to match these to the needs and capabilities of larger developers.

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For more information about our approach to realising the potential of land please contact one of our land team on 01344 882 605 or using the email link.

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